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About Us

Here at Peaceful Paws we have always enjoyed the loyalty and companionship that all of our pets have brought to us over the years so we understand how the loss of a beloved pet can be overwhelming.

Peaceful Paws Pet Crematorium was established to offer a service that cares for your pet in a dignified and gentle manner at all times and aim to ease your pain and distress leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Our Pet Crematorium has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with privacy and to offer dignity and respect to your pet after death.


Our tranquil Garden of Reflection offers a place to just sit and reflect, a quiet space to gather your thoughts and take the time that you may need.


You are most welcome to visit us and ask us any questions you might have about our service. However, we respectfully ask that you make an appointment in advance as we are a small Pet Crematorium and offer our pet families exclusivity and privacy.

Pet Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

  • If your pet has been euthanised at your veterinary practice, your vet should be able to make the final arrangements for you on your behalf. To ensure you receive the service you would like for your pet please inform your vet of your wishes.


    If your pet has passed away peacefully at home you can contact us to make the arrangements yourself, we can collect from your vet practice or you can bring your pet to us directly.

  • An individual pet cremation will vary in time depending on the size of the pet. Usually the process takes anywhere from an hour to three or more.


    We are committed to giving each pet that comes to us a dignified farewell, the process of cremation will vary slightly from pet to pet and will never be hurried.

  • We honestly feel that you should consider your options well before the time comes. With the exception of an unexpected death, considering what you will do before your pet passes will enable you to make the arrangements required with a clear head.

  • Anindividual cremation is when your pet is cremated separatelyfrom other pets in their own chamber. This enables us to guarantee the ashes we return are those of your pet and only your pet.


    A sympathy card will accompany your pet’s ashes confirming details of the individual cremation.

  • Yes absolutely. At Peaceful Paws we carry out genuine individual cremations which means one chamber – one pet.

    Once the individual cremation is completed the cremated remains are carefully removed from the chamber and swept clean/ making sure all remains are collected. The ashes are then cooled before being transferred into the casket or urn which has been chosen by the customer. Each pets’ details stay with him or her throughout the whole process.

We would love to hear from you with any questions or queries you may have regarding our services. We will use your details only to reply to your query