Tear Drop Urns

A sublime design, high-quality finishing and craftsmanship come together in the Teardrop urns. These quality products are manufactured by local craftsmen in India from first-rate materials and are completed with a special lacquer which gives the product its shiny gloss and a long lasting protection, ensuring high quality.

The Teardrop has a robust yet gentle design (Large & Small sizes available), giving it a luxurious look. Its abstract shape completes the ‘drop’ design, symbolising a tear which intimately is linked with a final goodbye. Made with love, to pass on to those who are no longer with us.


0.15; 0.70 & 3,30 Liter


10; 10 & 28 Centimeter


0.2; 0.7 & 2,5 Kilogram

Suitable for outside use



Small  £ 70

Large £ 139